What Toys to Buy In 2020?

Choosing toys for children seems to be getting more and more difficult each year. Some toys are almost like best friends for your small kids, so you might be stressing out what toys to buy in 2020. There is too much choice, which can be overwhelming, and parents do not usually have time to do in-depth research that would help make the right decision. Thankfully, we have done the research for you, so here is the list of some of the trendiest toys to buy in 2020.

Blume Doll

This toy is number 1 on the wanted toy list for your kids. When you buy a Blume Doll, your kid will get a chance to literally see the doll bloom. All you have to do is sprinkle the Blume Doll with a little bit of water from the watering can that comes with the doll. In just a matter of a few seconds, you will see the Blume Doll coming out of a flowerpot. One of the reasons to consider buying the Blume Doll is due to the uniqueness of each doll; as they come with different hairstyles and in various colors. The recommended age for this specific toy is 3+.

Cubby the Curious Bear

A cute Cubby the Curious Bear is suitable for kids ages 4 and above and is a great companion! The bear loves to be hugged and he also hugs back. Your kid can also learn how to feed the Curious Bear, as the toy will make chewing noises when given a snack, which comes with the toy. The Curious Bear will be a great friend for your kid as it is able to snuggle and dance. Fun fact – your kid will also be able to entertain himself by playing peek-a-boo with the bear.

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Do you want your kid to start learning how to code? Then Artie is definitely a fit for your kid. This robot connects to Wi-Fi and operates with AA batteries, which, unfortunately, do not come in the set. Artie comes with a set of colorful markers, a quick guide, and visual programming software. Your kid can learn how to program Artie to draw shapes based on the specific code. This particular toy can be an amazing platform for the kid to learn coding and get interested in it. As you have probably guessed, it is for older kids. The recommended age is from 7 to 12.

Hatching Toothless

We all know the famous cartoon How To Train Your Dragon, which has the cutest black dragon ever. Well, if your kids loved the cartoon, be sure they will love the toy – Hatching Toothless. This toy is one of the best toys on the list for 2020 and is for kids ages 5 and above. It is an interactive baby dragon toy, which comes in an egg, an instruction, and with two AA batteries. To get the baby dragon from the egg, the kid has to shake the egg. Your kid can play with the Hatching Toothless by guiding them through the air, and the dragon will move his ears and wings.

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