Top Celebrity Role Models for Kids

Kids take on attitudes and behavior from a wide source of influences, obviously their parents, schools, and peers are the main sources. But with the internet and TV, there are other influences that they have instant access to such as celebrities.

Everybody has played air guitar copying their favorite guitarist, but modern celebrities and the ways they live their lives have a great influence on young people. Never before have such people been under the microscope as much as today, and it seems the modern media are more interested in their personal life than their professional careers. So, we look at some of the best celebrity role models and how they influence kids today.

Taylor Swift

Pop music has always played a big part in adolescent behavior, kids love to see their idols on video, listen to their songs, and see what fashions they are wearing. Taylor Swift if one such mega star, as a country singer her songs are about real life and there are decent morals to a lot of her music.

The song Mean is all about bullying in school, and she delivers a strong message about the damage bullying can do to young children. Taylor also donates a great deal to charities, but under a friend’s name to avoid the publicity. Above all she stands up for kids and helps to champion their cause.

Emma Waston

The British actress Emma Watson came to fame with her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series of books and films. Her character always took a very moralistic view on life, she knew the difference between right and wrong and was not afraid of letting her opinions known.

Emma Watson is an inspiration to young people, she graduated with honors at Ivy University, then went on to be a United Nations ambassador before she was even twenty-five. She exceeds expectations of her and is a perfect role model for young people to follow.

Steve Jobs

Perhaps not the most ethical of our celebrities, but Steve Jobs shows that with determination and hard work, dreams can be accomplished. Everybody knows the story of Apple Computers, and how it was formed in a back-street garage to become one of the world’s biggest high-tech companies.

Steve did all this as an adopted child, and his new parents were not rich. He battled with pancreatic cancer and came out victorious. Challenges were there to be overcome and seen as a learning curve and not an obstacle. Most of all he was open to ideas to those around him and would gladly accept advice.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato represents what can be achieved if you pursue it hard enough. Starting her career in the kid’s TV program Barney & Friends, she has become a famous actress and singer. Following Barney & Friends she took her breakthrough chance to join Disney’s Camp Rock and got the role of Mitchie Torres. Demi Lovato is another advocate to stop bullying in schools and is very outspoken about her views. She inspires people to be themselves and is a perfect addition to our list.

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