The Story of LEGO

LEGO has to be one of the most famous and popular children’s toys that ever existed, the simple format of buildings bricks started one of the world’s greatest ever toy manufacturers. There have been numerous types of building brick toys over the years but none has stayed the course for so long as LEGO.

This is because LEGO have never stood still, they have continuously evolved and developed. Once producing mere building blocks the LEGO range now is modern and sophisticated. The brand of LEGO has never been more popular, there are even LEGO lands and LEGO movies. But how did it all start?

Leg Godt

The meaning of LEGO goes back to two Danish words Leg Godt and translated they mean play well. Obviously both an instruction to the children who bought the toy, and a recommendation of the quality of the product.

Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the LEGO Group has remained in the control of the Kristiansen family, being passed down from father to son. The current CEO is a man called Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen who happens to be the grandson of Ole.

The LEGO Brick

The LEGO Empire is founded on its most successful product, the LEGO brick and even today it is their most important product. The foundations of the company are built around The Brick so to speak, and it was this product that was responsible for LEGO to be named Toy of the Century, not just once but twice.

The present brick was designed in 1958, utilizing the same interlocking principles as it has always done. The tubes of the brick make a really unique type of toy that has endless possibilities when played with. If the imagination is there then LEGO can be used to create the most elaborate of structures. The LEGO Group first started manufacturing building brick toys in 1932, with ten employees. And the motto of the founder was hung up on the wall, Det Bedste Er Ikke For Godt (Only the Best is Good Enough).


In August 2017, The LEGO Group celebrated its 85th anniversary, and the small fledgling Danish toy manufacturer is by now one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world. The anniversary is celebrated with many Play Day activities and parties at LEGO locations all over the world.

And to recognize this milestone LEGO House was opened which is named The Home of the Brick. Housed in the building is the Tree of Creativity which happens to be the largest LEGO model in the world, with over six, LEGO elements comprising of three million components each.


Today the LEGO Group has over eighteen thousand employees from seventy different countries all pulling together to grow the company and develop new and exciting toys that children all over the world can enjoy. LEGO success is because the product has a different concept than most toys. LEGO provides the way for creative minds to construct something completely unique straight out of the imagination. LEGO has no boundaries outside the mind, it can be whatever you like.

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