The Roles of Wheels in Childhood

The movement of a wheel fascinates children and it is this motion that leads to greater interest in later life in certain related areas. It starts right from the start of their lives with the common every day pram. In order to make lives easier for every mother the pram is designed so that the child can be carried from location to location with as little effort as possible. This is done by the pram, or baby transporter, which is built on wheels. These are designed for the youngest babies and so they can have the baby lying down as if they were sleeping. As the baby gets older they advance to the baby stroller, which is more compact than the pram and is often foldable. This supports the baby in an upright position.

A traditional pram

As well as providing the most effective way of transporting a child the prams also give the baby’s a sense of adventure by the free movement of the prams wheels. It is known for parents to induce sleep by gently rocking the prams to and fro.

As the babies advance to the stroller the feeling of excitement is increased as the stroller is designed to travel faster. Some strollers are designed for parents that like to jog and run. The strollers have three wheels with one at the front. Some strollers designed for jogging giver the runner then option to swivel so making it easier to turn. Adaptions have also included wider wheels and the addition of a break. The solid nature of the stroller makes it safer for both runner and baby and other additions have included attached drinks holders for both baby and runner. Babies enjoy the adventure and it is very rare to experience a parent jogging with a crying child.

The first steps in a baby walker

From an early age babies are given toys with wheels that they can push. The most obvious examples are match box cars but their small nature makes them ideal presents for older children. Simpler larger models like wooden toy tractors, or animals on wheels, are often safer and easier toys for the very young to play with. Baby walkers are a method of a baby getting around and also learning how to walk. They consist of a hard plastic base attached to a set of wheels. The baby is attached on to the base and then they can use the power of the wheels to move around. This is often the baby’s first method of being able to travel around on their own and many today include attachments, such as music and play trays which contain toys.

Some children are pushed around by their parents in push cars which are so developed they look like real cars. Some young children are given pedal cars which allows then child to move around by working the pedals. As soon as a child can learn how to walk they are then eager to learn ever other skill that young people master. This includes those popular activities on wheels and require balance. This includes being able to ride a bicycle, how to roller skate and how to skateboard.

There are other wheel activities that do not rely on balance but are propelled by an engine. There are plenty of opportunities for children to partake in karting and junior motorbike racing. These are not cheap activities and those who do regularly partake either have parents who come from a mechanical background or are wealthy.

This does however provide the children with feelings of exhilaration as they reach high speeds. This often leads them to having careers or hobby in motor racing and speedway later in their lives. Parents have a massive role in the development of their children and what toys they buy them at a very young age, can greatly influence what interests their child will follow later in life.

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