The Most Popular Games and Toys in 2017

With all the changes in trends and technology over the last one hundred and fifty years it is interesting to look at the most popular toys and games on sale today. Has technology and computes put an end to the traditional toys or does the modern-day child get the same amount of enjoyment that previous generations had? Dolls have been a young child’s favourite toy for centuries and there is no change in today’s world. One of the best sellers is the Luvabella doll which is produced by Smyth Toys. The baby can move, talks and acts just like a real baby.

The Luvabella Doll

There is even interaction so if the tummy is tickled the baby laughs. The baby can be taught 100 new words and is able to drink bottles of water or milk. So just as mums played with their babies years ago their children are doing the same today. However, the modern baby is totally different today as technology advancement has resulted in the baby being able to do a whole host of different actions thanks to computer chip technology.

The Airhogs DR1 Official Race Drone is a drone that flies. The kit comes with a headset that the user can wear. The drone has a camera, so the pilot is getting the view from the drone through the headset. The hand set is simple to work, and it is a highly technologically advanced toy. The Lego Friends Sunshine Catmaran is another example of a product that has been on sale for a number of years but has evolved due to design and technological advancements.

The kit comes in the shape of a luxury catamaran with a sun deck, a pool, a bridge, a slide and garage. When taking the top off there is access to the living quarters and the kitchen. Accessories includes figure models of the three inhabitants, a banana boat, a water scooter and even a sofa to lunge on. The toy gives the child the opportunity to visualise cruising offshore on rather a luxurious holiday. Lego toys have been firing children’s imaginations for decades, but the modern Lego kits represent the opportunities that are available in the 21st century.

The Lego Catamaran with accessories

A toy that is being made available as a tie-in product of the Beauty and the Beast movie is the Beauty and the Beast Tea Set. With the talking Mrs Potts teapot, and the Chip tea cup, the tea set is produced by Flubit. This rather simple toy set gives the child to have afternoon tea while making the most of this tea set. In times of computer chips and X boxes sometimes the simplest toys are as popular as they have ever been.

One of the problems of producing toys is getting the supplies right. The demand for toys over a year long period produces great fluctuations and can lead to shortages and panic buying. This was certainly the case in 2016 when it was virtually impossible for parents to purchase, in the run up to Christmas, the Hatchimal furry robot creature. This creature arrives in the form of an egg, and after the shell is rubbed it will hatch.

The owner will then raise the furry animal interacting with it as it learns to walk, talk and feed. It was so popular in 2016 that it was sold out in virtually every retail shop pre-Christmas and the craze was similar to the one that was associated with the cabbage patch dolls back in 1983. There are many similarities between the toys that are popular today with the ones that were being purchased decades ago. The only difference is that the more modern toys have been able to fine tune their product by taking advantage of technological advances.

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