Simple Learning Games for Kids

Trying to get youngsters to learn can be a difficult thing, however, whatever you are trying to teach your kids, make it entertaining. As soon as you bring fun into the scenario, then kids will switch on like a light bulb. There are plenty of learning games on the market and not all of them cost a fortune, and some of them are in the old format of board games.

Simple Learning Games for Kids
Simple Learning Games for Kids

Why Board Games Are So Good

There are many reasons why board games are perfect for young minds, and here are some of the best:

  • They are great fun
  • They are perfect at developing soft skills
  • They are useful resources for passing on information
  • You do not need a computer or screen to play them

With so many board games being on the market how do you go about choosing the best? Try and select the games that are both educational but also fun. And also, can the game give opportunities for you to connect more with the kids? Here are some of the very best that are available in stores right now.

Jumbo Banagrams

This game comes in a bright yellow bag that looks fun and is easy to carry about. Inside is packed with square tiles with a large letter printed on each one. There are so many games that you can play with Jumbo Banagrams that can keep your kids entertained for hours, including:

Jumbo Banagrams
Jumbo Banagrams
  • ABC spelling song
  • Find matching pairs
  • Spell out words
  • Put letters in piles with common traits, for example straight or curved lines

Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story is a fantastic visual game both for adults and kids. The game includes a number of picture cards that you can piece together in different orders so that many tales can be told. Children love this game as their imaginations can run riot.You can get many kids involved to take turns and the direction the story takes. This involves everybody and you end up with some incredible tales.

Boggle Junior

This simple game is easy to play and great educationally, it uses dice but instead of numbers there are letters. The player has a little plastic display holder that holds a picture card, and the child has to match the letters to spell out what is on the card. Boggle Junior is great for letter identification, and there is also sound so the child can match pictures with sound.

Raccoon Rumpus

If you want a great kids math game, then Raccoon Rumpus is great fun. Inside the box you will find an adorable little raccoon, complete with costumes and accessories. The kids dress the raccoon and match colors and learn counting. These great games are inexpensive to buy, and will give great entertainment to your kids. They will be learning skills as they play and will not even know that they are doing so. And the best part is that they can be played absolutely anywhere.

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