Outdoor Games and Toys

One of the most popular Christmas present that can be given to a child is any game or toy that can be enjoyed outdoors. Parents will always appreciate it when their children are happy to play outside. The first reason is that is better for the child’s health to be playing in the fresh air and secondly it is always nice to get them away from the confines of playing indoors.

Playing outside also gives the opportunity of learning new skills that are being part of the journey of growing up. The bicycle is the perfect illustration of a healthy form of exercise combined with a learning experience that is fun. Parents will often remember the occasion when their child first learned how to ride a bike.

Parents always look forward to removing the stabilizers

Bikes are versatile as they can be given as present to a person regardless of age. A toddler can receive a three wheel bike, and then bikes can be given that possess stabilizers. The bikes will become more and more refined until the most advanced bikes are found that cost thousands of pounds and are fit for Olympians to ride. The great things about the bike is that it is possible for all of the family members to have a bike. This can lead to valuable social times together when taking a trip. It can also lead to cyclists joining a bike club and the majority of parents are keen for their offspring to join some type of club or organization.

A similar toy that can lead to club is the skateboard. The skateboarding has developed as a craze over the years and nowadays there are skateboard parks and different clubs. It also has its own subculture with people closely following what skateboarders wear. Just learning how to handle the basic tricks gives some child hours of pleasure.

The skateboard evolved from roller skates which are roller wheels that are fitted onto shoes. They have been used as a gift for children for many years. Despite their obvious dangers they give children hours of fun and many become accomplished in the art of traveling quickly on these awkward wheels.

Competitive roller skaters

The pogo stick is another toy that keeps child healthy as they play with their toy. The stick has coil spring and the user jumps up and down. Users of the pogo stick mastered the jumping so much that it is now turned into an extreme sport with the introduction of extreme pogo. This new sport involves using more powerful pogo sticks. This enables the competitor to reach greater heights. With more time in the air the jumper can perform tricks and many people are venturing into this new sport.

Jumping up and down is always popular around children and trampolines have been adapted to fit into gardens. They come supplied with their own safety nets and are ideal for children especially when there is a party.

The space hopper, or pogo ball was a popular toy in the UK in the 1980s. It is a big bouncy ball that children would sit on. It had some type of face painted on it and to keep ones balance the child would hold on to the ears. Now the child can bounce up and down on the ball trying to keep their balance for as long as possible.

Another toy that makes the child exercise is the skipping rope. The activity is so healthy that it is found in the most gyms and as well as increasing levels of fitness it also improves the child’s level of coordination. The skipping rope has been used as a child’s toy for centuries but today championships are being held to judge the best skippers. Any toy or game that promotes activity is popular among children and parents. It is even better if it can be played outside in the fresh air.

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