Board and Card games

Family get-togethers are dominated by people sitting around and either having a board or a card game. Minor tantrums are caused when televisions, computers and even mobile phones are switched off so that a family can prove its unity by partaking in a nice friendly game. Nothing could be further from the truth. Board and card games... more →
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Dolls and Soldiers

Dolls have been around for centuries and were produced in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. In the past they have been made from clay, stone, wood bone, Ivory and any other raw material that the local manufacturer could find to successfully make a doll. Since 1959 the Barbie dolls has been the major doll purchased for young girls.... more →
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Educational and toys and games

Every Christmas millions of parents search endlessly for the perfect toy for their child. The gift that is both fun and educational. They all hope that their child’s attention will be held for long periods as they learn at the same time as they play. There is an opinion that every toy and game stimulates some type of learning but... more →
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Brief history of children’s toys and games

There can be no time frame on children playing with toys and games as children regardless of the time in history will create some type of game or activity to occupy themselves. The less the child has the more creative they will become. The favorite time for toys and games is Christmas and each generation will claim that the future... more →
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