Factors That Effect a Child’s Development

How your kids develop and grow up is affected by many factors, that is influenced both internally and externally. Of course, as parents you will know of the critical importance your lead sets as an example to your children but some of the influences that effect your kids you have no control over.

This blog looks at all the factors that can affect your children’s growth and development and provides a few pointers what you can do to assist.


A critical part of the development a child goes through is formed by the environment they live in. This can include the geographical conditions, the social environment, the physical surroundings, and the relationship the child has with their peers and the family.

It is obvious that a well loved and nurtured child will do better in life than one who has suffered or been deprived. And a welcoming community develops social, physical and emotional skills.


Whether your child is a boy or a girl will also have a bearing on their physical and emotional growth. Girls and boys grow up differently, especially when they are approaching puberty. The male of the species is generally taller and stronger, whilst the female grow faster during their adolescence both in physical size but also maturity. The two temperaments are also very different when they are young.


The word exercise is not just for physical development but influences a child’s mental attitude as often playing team games brings greater camaraderie. Exercise is also all about what a child does during their play time and how they meet their friends.

Exercise obviously keeps the children physically healthy and increases the immune system which in turn helps to fight off illness.


What your child eat and drink plays a massive part in their development, child obesity is becoming a chronic world problem and can seriously damage your child’s physical and metal development. Just as bad as overeating the wrong foods is malnutrition, which can cause deficiency problems that can damage growth. You child should be encouraged to eat a balanced diet containing, essential fats, vitamins, proteins, and minerals with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Probably the biggest factor that effects your child’s development is you. The family unit is the most profound influence on how your child grows up, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Whether it is you as a parent that takes on full responsibility or other family members are tasked to help, it will all contribute for the best.

Sometimes grandparents can play a vital role, as they also can act as part of a good cop, bad cop scenario. So when parents force their kids to eat their greens, a grandparent can deliver some much needed sympathy and perhaps some candy.

This gives the child a balanced outlook, so they accept both sides of the coin and grow up more rounded. The family unit cannot be underestimated in the development of your child, in fact it is the most important factor.        

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