Children’s favorite ball games

From a very early age children have a fascination with spherical shaped objects. Many of the gifts they receive are ball related. A miniature shaped rugby ball is a soft football which many receives from relatives who secretly desire that their gift may inspire one of the future generations sporting stars.

A child at home with foam balls

The role of balloons at parties is a clear example of round objects that immediately capture the attention of the very young. Virtually every party organized for children, has included balloons. They are squeezed, punched, kicked, thrown and cuddled. There are many things that can be done with a balloon and the bigger the better. Parents are happy as soon as they see their child throwing a ball, or catching it, or kicking it. Prior to game lessons at school, or even joining the youngest section at a junior sports club, there are many activities that the young partake in. Many of these activities will help improve the child’s co-ordination and will also reveal whether the child has “an eye for a ball”.

One of the best ways to improve their early ball skills is to get the child to repeat a skill many times. One of the best toys that did this was totem tennis. This involved a pole that was stuck in the ground and attached to the pole at the top was a coil with a ball and string attached. The game could be played as match between two players or one player playing against themselves.

In the two players match the idea would be to get the opposition player to miss the ball so that the string would travel to the bottom of the coil. When a player is playing themselves, they hit the ball with the forehand to the left-hand side and return the ball in the opposite direction with their back hand. By playing this simple game child is repeating with their fore hand and hack hand many times. They are also getting their eyes used to a flight of a ball. This transferable skill would be useful later in every sport the child is going to play that involves a ball.

Children playing totem tennis

One of the most popular attractions of an indoor play area for children is table tennis. This simple game is great for children’s understanding of how a ball operates without running too far. As well as striking the ball, table tennis gives the young an understanding of how to swing and spin the ball.

Numerous manufacturers produce sports equipment suitable for young that is both scaled down and is also made of soft materials that are child friendly. These include plastic golf sets and will give many youngsters their first opportunity to strike a ball with a club of any sort. These early experiences are important to  the child’s cognitive development.

The last year has seen a couple of child stars that have emerged on the senior world stage in sports that did not involve physical contact. At the 2018 Commonwealth Games Wales picked 11 year old Anna Hursey to represent them in the table tennis competition. She won one of the two games that she played in Australia and demonstrated the promise that she has.

In June 2017 Atthaya Thitikul of Thailand took part in the Thailand European Ladies Open at Phoenix Gold Golf Club in Pattaya, Thailand. In the field of 126 there were 67 professional entries from the Ladies European tour. Thitikul at the time was 14 years, 4 months and 19 days old when she won the tournament by two clear shots. She became the youngest winner of a professional golf tournament beating Brook Henderson who had won an event on the Canadian tour at the age of 14 years, 9 months and three days old.

Getting the young involved in ball games at an early age does have its benefits. Early good habits and disciplines are picked up while children are still having fun.

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