Animals in Childhood

Animals have a huge influence of the raising of a child. From the instant the child is born they will be given some form of cuddly animal soft toy to keep them company when they sleep. Memories of childhood for many people revolve around their favorite soft toy. Families will often purchase a pet and part of the child’s early responsibilities will be helping to take care of the animal. Or fish, or bird. This helps to teach the child the importance of discipline and caring. They will also realize that not all jobs that have to be done are fun. When taking the cute puppy for a walk someone still needs to pick up their mess.

Teddy Bears come in all shapes and sizes

Many of the early trips for children involve seeing animals. A trip to the urban farm, or a zoo will enable children to see the animals in the flesh that they have only previously seen in books or on television. Even a trip to a beach may involve a donkey ride.

As children learn new hobbies one that has been popular for a number of years has been learning how to ride a horse. This may start with a pony before graduating on to the horse. The more affluent may end up keeping a horse which involves other responsibilities like feeding the animal and clearing out their stable. Many toys have been animal based and one of the favorite chooses has been the bear. Somehow the bear is transformed from being one of nature’s most dangerous animals in the wild to a big soft cuddly toy that protects and guides children through their childhood.

It is commonly known as a teddy bear and is named after the US president Theodor “Teddy” Roosevelt. On a hunting trip a bear was cornered by a hunting party that included the president and Roosevelt was invited to shoot it. Seeing the action as unsportsmanlike he refused to do so but asked that it be put out of its misery as quickly as possible.

This humane action resulted in cartoons being produced. Over time the bear became smaller and cuter and Morris Michtom saw the cartoons and decided to produce a Teddy Bear. With Roosevelt’s approval Michtom’s bears became popular and soon the Teddy Bear was being purchased all over the world. They are most popular with children, but bears have also been given as acts of love to partners and also people use Teddy Bears as lucky mascots. Many famous Teddy Bears have emerged like Paddington, the Care Bear and Winnie-the Pooh.

Mickey Mouse the most famous mouse in the world

The Teddy Bear started the soft industry and soon other animals were being copied and given to children as a toy. Many of the world’s most dangerous animals were popular with the big cats, such as lions, being transformed into soft cuddly creatures. There have been many models made of animals and one of the most popular has been the model farm. As well as the model showing the buildings and machinery that are found on a farm they also include models of the many different animals that are found. Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chicken and Ducks are popularly represented.

Model safaris are also popular and they include many of the animals that are found in different warmer parts of the world. Lifelike models of animals like elephants, lions, rhinoceros, zebras and giraffe educate children in the animals that are found in different parts of the world.

Many of the world animals play a starring role in cartoons and comics. From the earliest of ages children see these characters either in either books or on the television. The most famous have been Mickey Mouse, Top Cat, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Scooby Do and finally the Road Runner. These characters have been even replicated as cuddly toys and even in children’s games. Animals have played a major role in the raising of children for centuries. It does not matter how advanced modern technology advances children’s games, a child will always prefer to hug a cuddly toy as opposed to a computer.

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