2019 Trends in The Toy Industry

When adults refer to play it simply means that it is anything that they get to enjoy other than for having to work. For children, on the other hand, it’s their job and the only activity they know. They learn all their social and creative skills that are required for life from their playtime. For children to be engaged in their playtime, it is essential to continually challenge and help them learn several skills from their playtime.

2019 Trends in The Toy Industry
2019 Trends in The Toy Industry

For this reason, there is always an evolving standard of toys and trends that are followed in the toy industry. These trends are based on what is engaging kids these days and in turn, irons the pockets of the toy manufacturers and activity creators. With schools not focusing on recess time and channelling all the time in education, toymakers have to come up with creative ways to squeeze in engagement in the little time that children get with their toys. As a result, the toys are highly engaging and tap into some of the most appealing aspects of a child’s playtime.

Unboxing Toys

This trend is probably the most engaging in the market right now. Right from videos to actual toys follow this. It taps into the child’s mind of being interested in the opening and exploring of a product. Irrespective of what is inside, the child enjoys the unboxing and taking the stuff out or putting them back in. By making the unboxing challenge creative, children can be engaged for a long time.

Compound Toys

Trending as number one in the toy industry this year, compounds that are safe for children are highly addictive. They don’t require any real skill to play with but focus on the touch and feel factor. Kinetic sand, slime and play dough are some of the highest-selling compounds that kids love and you makers are using to incorporate into both videos, web shows and actual toys.

Food Related Toys

Toys and games that are food-related have always been a hit and continues to be one even today. Kids love to play with their food and make-believe food as toys are great to encourage great habits. Parents love the idea, and kids love to do grown-up stuff. Overall, rubber squeaky food toys and food toys of other materials are an excellent plaything for kids. When the food toys even have a smell to them, it’s a big hit. Mainly because it helps with olfactory development. Moulds in the shape of food are also high and works in conjunction with the compound toys.

Other Trends That Support the Toy Industry

While toys are great, video and sound is a big plus for kids these days who are living smack in the middle of the digital era. Entertainment and video channels add to the toy industry’s sales by supplementing visual pleasure of what the kids would experience when they actually play with a physical toy. For example, unboxing videos, videos of playing with compound toys and made up rhymes to promote the toy trends helps the kids to easily relate to what they see on screen and apply the same when they buy the toy. Together, both visual entertainment and toys are a great way to help in the overall development of kids today.

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